Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hello to you all......and to me as well!!!

My Non-alignment Foreign Policy of India has been keeping me misaligned from other things....oh well

Despite my lengthy hiatus, my blog is still alive as far as I’m concerned.  Just wayyyyy too busy to jot anything in.  So today’s entry is just simply to tell the cyber world that this space is still active.  It’s also a reminder to me that this space still belongs to me.  So to the 9000+ visitors from 109 countries who have visited my page so far, thank you!!!

So much to say but just don’t think I can spare the time to let my mind wander away from my thesis paper.!!!!  Need all the energy and momentum to arrive at the finishing line......safely.

The world continues to move on despite my hibernation.  Ghadaffi is dead.  Now that he is dead, we are hearing both sides of him, the monstrous image of a dictator versus a rather philanthropic more obscured side of him.  Are they really true?  Will the flood in Thailand bring down the cost of Toyota and Honda cars in our country?  Hahaha.....“Dried-up” cars anybody?  How about the audit report of leakages in government spending? How to answer that?  Very difficult!!!  Extension of retirement age to 60, good or bad?  Good as government can save money by delaying paying for pension by 2 more years for each person, that’s lotsa money.  But bad for those at lower hierarchy whose promotions are set back by 2 more years?  Win-win solution, really?  The All Blacks outplayed but still won the RWC final.  Referee too liberal, France was jinx, Blacks were hampered not having Dan Carter and had to resort to a 4th string Fly-half?

I don’t know the answer to any of those questions, and I’m not that interested to know now.  My life is “get up, read, think, write, sleep”, period!  So for now, this abysmal entry will just have to do.  So long people and I’ll be back soon enough I hope.