Thursday, September 13, 2012

As the Page Turns

Yes, time really flies and I'm not doing a great job at keeping up with it.  It's already September and I've only got a single entry to show for this year so far.

Too many things happening around me lately, and sometimes the situations made me feel really small.  I have a big heart though, that I know.  So plough through I must, with a newly found conviction I strife. As I know my being has a purpose, albeit insignificant as it appears to some.  Small changes I set as my objectives, mindsets change I seek, the young minds as my target.........future leaders I hope to shape.    I know I am navigating through unchartered water.  While the final destination is clear, the journey ahead seems long and arduous............ May Allah give me strength as I do not know how my story will end.

I know my blog entry will be few and far between as my time and energy will be spent elsewhere.  I am normally energetic during the day but almost totally completely spent as the night falls.  Anxiety creeps in at times, self-doubt does appear occasionally, but they quickly dissipate when I see the glimpse of hope, the potential waiting to be unearthed and the greatness in some of the people I meet.  I am not alone in this battle after all, and as our strength combines at my helm, I truly hope that our deeds will be written as ibadah to compensate for all the shortcomings and wrongdoings we may have committed thus far.  And hopefully, we will live to see the fruit of our labour.  That is the day I hope to see, a day that marks the coming of age for a could-be giant, which so far is still searching to find its footing.

Fair Winds and Following Seas
Sedia Berkorban