Monday, June 19, 2017

My Rugby Teams

In the span of over 30 years I have been privileged to either play for, coach or manage all of these teams.  Each is unique and super special, with lots of fond memories.  Equally memorable is the opportunity to play and associate with some of the most talented rugby personalities. What can I say, it has been very fulfilling and rewarding journey.

Here they are:

Royal Military College (Black Scorpions) U-15

1986: MSSWP (First Runner-up)
1986: Milo National 10s (First Runners-up Plate)

Royal Military College (Black Scorpions) U-18
1987: MSSWP (Champions)
1988: MSSWP (Third Place)
1988: Qualifying Round - Jonah Jones International Schools 7s (Champions)
1988: Jonah Jones International Schools 7s (Semi-final)
1989: Qualifying Round- Jonah Jones International Schools 7s (Champions)
1989: Jonah Jones International Schools 7s (Champions)

Majlis Sukan Sekolah Wilayah Persekutuan (MSSWP)

1987: Majlis Sukan Sekolah Malaysia (MSSM) U-18 Tournament (Preliminary rounds)
1988: Majlis Sukan Sekolah Malaysia (MSSM) U-18 Tournament (Third Place)

United States Naval Academy, USA

1990-1992:  Potomac Rugby Inter Collegiate (Champions)
1991: Collegiate East Coast Finals (Semi-finalist)
1992: Collegiate East Coast Finals (First Runner-up)
1992: BEAT ARMY at West Point (12-10)
1993: Cherry Blossom Tournament (Champions)
1992-1993: USNA Rugby Letter (with a Star for beating Army)

US Combined Armed Forces Jr All Star
1992: Selected for Battle of New Orleans Tournament but did not go
1993: Battle of New Orleans Tournament

Virginia Beach Rugby Club, USA 

1992: Virginia Beach 7s Tournament (First Runners-up)

Royal Malaysian Navy (Navy ORCA) Officers Team  

1993: Armed Forces Inter Services Officer (Champions)
1994: Armed Forces Inter Services Officer (Champions)
1998: Armed Forces Inter Services Officer (Champions)

Royal Malaysian Navy (Navy ORCA) Senior Team

1994: Armed Forces 7s (First Runners-up)
1994: Singapore Blacks 10s (Semi-final)
1994: Perlis 7s (Qtr-final)
1994: UUM 10s (First Runner-up)
1994: Haatyai 7s (Semi-Final)
1994: Jonah Jones 7s (Champions Plate)
1996: Armed Forces 7s (Semi-final)
1998: Penang 10s (Quarter Finals)
1998: Penang 7s (Champions)
1998: Trengganu 10s (First Runners-up)
1998: Jonah Jones 7s (Champions Plate)

As Coach & Club Chairman (2007-2010 & 2015)

2007: Perak Super League (Champions)
2007: Perak President’s Cup (First Runners-up)
2008: Perak Super League (First Runners-up)
2008: Perak President’s Cup (Champions)
2008: Armed Forces Inter Services (First Runners-up)
2008: MRU President’s Cup (Semi-final)
2009: Perak Super League (Champions)
2009: Perak President’s Cup (Champions)
2009: Negeri Sembilan 7s (Plate Runners-up)
2009: Perak Isa Abas Cup 7s (Cup Runners-up)
2009: Jonah Jones 7s (Plate Semi-final)
2010: Perak Super League (Champions)
2010: Perak President’s Cup (Champions)
2010: UPNM 10s (Plate Champions)
2010: Taiping 10s (Plate Semi-final)
2010: Jonah Jones 7s (Plate Semi-final)
2015: Selangor League Div 1 (First Runners-up)

Old Putra Association (OPA)

1998 – Penang 10s (First Runners-up Plate)

Royal Naval Engineering College (HMS Thunderer), Manadon, 
Plymouth, United Kingdom 

1995: Plymouth Region League (First Runners-up)

HMS Osprey, Portland, United Kingdom

1995: Portland/Weymouth Regional (Preliminary)

Malaysia Armed Forces 15s and 7s Teams 

1994: Agong’s Cup (Champions)
1994: National 7s (First Runners-up)
1998: National 7s (Semi-final)

Malaysia Rugby U-23 

1993: Friendly vs Singapore (Malaysia won)

Malaysia Rugby 7s (Senior) 
1994: Fiji Sevens, Suva, Fiji (Preliminary rounds)

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